KAAP Statement About Racism and Children’s Health

The Kansas Chapter, American Academy of Pediatric (KAAP) understands that racism is a public health crisis. All children and adolescents should feel safe and have access to quality care that is essential to their health. Children and adolescents of color, we see you, we care about you, and our hearts are with you.

As AAP stated last year in the policy statement “Racism and Its Impact on Child and Adolescent Health,” racism’s societal impact, particularly on communities of color and populations that are historically disenfranchised, is wide-reaching, systemic, and complex. A growing body of scientific research has found that racism harms children’s mental and physical health in myriad ways. We are watching this play out now, in real time, and we cannot avoid a deep examination of how to improve the role of policing. Systemic violence requires systemic responses.