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Early Career Physicians

Committee Chair: Grace Brouillette, DO

About Us

This committee consists of members interested in career and professional development. The committee’s primary focus will be on early career development, which typically occurs within the first 10 years of practice. However, the committee can also consist of physicians looking for information and assistance with making a career change.

The Kansas chapter of the AAP is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of this population. To that end, the Early Career Physician committee was created to provide a voice for Kansas ECPs. The committee is comprised of medical students, residents and practicing physicians. Feel free to contact us with your concerns, questions, ideas or if you would like to become involved.

Committee Members

Laura Blasi, MD, Kansas City

Grace Brouillette, DO, Kansas City

Casey Cordts, MD, Topeka

Anna Esparham, MD Kansas City

Carissa Stanton, MD Kansas City

Whitney Pressler, MD, Kansas City

Heather Von Bevern, MD, Kansas City


Click here to view the Advocacy Cheat Sheet

Educator Portfolio Template

Practice Transformation Resources

Financial Wellness Video Series

Important Websites:

AAP Section on Young Physicians: http://www.aap.org/Sections/ypn/

Young Physicians Leadership Alliance

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