Securing the Future of Children’s Health Care in Kansas

More than 75,000 Kansans’ Medicaid coverage has been discontinued – nearly two-thirds of those are children – due to the conclusion of the continuous Medicaid coverage requirement, known as Medicaid Unwinding.

While the unwinding process has now ended, KAAP stands committed to ensuring no child goes without necessary medical attention.

Grant Opportunity

KAAP is offering a grant opportunity aimed at empowering local organizations in aiding the enrollment of children and families into Medicaid. Applications will be accepted through August 15, 2024.

Grant Details and Opportunities

KAAP is offering funding to elevate the expertise of pediatricians and community organizations that are committed to helping children and families enroll in Medicaid. You can now apply for a grant of up to $2,500 to support outreach events focused on Medicaid enrollment. This funding will support activities tailored to the specific needs of your community. Here are some initiatives you could undertake:

  • Organize events at your practice, local churches or community centers to assist families with Medicaid enrollment.
  • Collaborate with local school districts to disseminate Medicaid enrollment information during school functions.
  • Partner with local public health organization to enhance awareness and provide direct enrollment assistance.

Applications will be accepted through August 15, 2024. Funding is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. All funded activities must conclude by September 1, 2024, with funds disbursed upon the successful completion of the event.

We are proud to announce that $24,800 has already been earmarked for this initiative, impacting over 20 counties. This effort is a beacon of hope for many families navigating these challenging times, reinforcing our commitment to the health and future of Kansas’s children.

Innovative Tools for Providers

Patient Kancare Coverage Algorithm

Patient Kancare Coverage Algorithm

To further support this initiative, KAAP has developed an innovative algorithm to assist healthcare providers. This tool helps identify the best resources and alternative coverage options for patients who have lost their Medicaid coverage, ensuring continuous care for every child.

Introducing the Medicaid Online Quiz

In partnership with Cover Kansas, we have launched the Medicaid Online Quiz, a new user-friendly tool designed to simplify the process for families unsure about their coverage. By answering a series of questions, users can quickly assess their Medicaid status and receive guidance on enrollment processes or alternative healthcare resources.

Partner with MCOs

KAAP is here to support you and your patients, particularly when the children you are serving miss appointments due to coverage issues. KAAP can connect you with MCO partners to run lists of your patients affected by coverage loss.

For further details or inquiries, please contact:
Marisa Guerrero
KAAP Outreach & Events Coordinator

Connect with Medicaid Benefit Specialists

Access a comprehensive contact list of Medicaid Benefit Specialists located across the state of Kansas. These benefit specialists offer guidance and support, ensuring the families you serve receive the assistance they need to secure health coverage.

Join Us in Securing the Future

KAAP’s proactive approach highlights our dedication to the health and future of Kansas’s children. This initiative is more than just a funding opportunity – it’s a community effort to safeguard our children’s health rights. By supporting this initiative, community organizations can play a pivotal role in sustaining the well-being of our youngest and most vulnerable.

For further details or inquiries, please contact:

Marisa Guerrero
KAAP Outreach & Events Coordinator