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Refugee Child Separation

June 26, 2018 No Comments

KAAP has been actively monitoring the situation of refugee children who were separated from their parents at our southern border. Board member Kelly Kreisler, MD, FAAP works with refugees regularly in her practice.  She has written an op-ed for the Kansas City Star and has done a television interview to bring awareness to the detrimental effects the separation can have on these children.

KAAP has sent this letter to all of our congressional representation urging them to work on immigration and returning these children to their parents. We encourage you to reach out to your representation as well.

The AAP has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the child separation issue with AAP President Coleen Kraft, MD, FAAP doing numerous interviews. You can read the AAP Statement on the Executive Order here.

We will soon have more information on our website about caring for immigrant children, but until then, questions can be directed to Dr. Kreisler at kkreisler@vibrantwyandotte.org.



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