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Safety – Fire

It is always a wise time to sit down with your family and review fire safety and prevention.

Children and Fire

Children under the age of 4 are at a higher risk of fire-related injury and death. Educate your children!

  • Involve them in creating an escape plan for your family…and practice it together as a unit.
  • Discuss the dangers of fire.
  • Teach them about smoke alarms.
  • Talk about fire risks for each room: kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

Fire Safety Techniques from the U.S. Fire Administration

Purchase a smoke alarm for every level of your home.  If you already have smoke alarms, test them monthly. 43% of home fires deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms. (www.firesafety.gov)

Use electrical appliances wisely.  Do not overcrowd circuits.  If cords are frayed, sparking or giving off a smell, unplug the appliance immediately and get it fixed.


http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/ The U.S. Fire Administration website; it has helpful information and statistics about fire prevention and safety.

http://www.firesafetyforkids.org/ A website built specifically for children with games, videos, blogs and more.

The best way to survive a fire is to prevent one!

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