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Safety – Childcare

Questions to Ask When Choosing Childcare
1. Is the license posted?
2. Is the facility safe? clean? Free of health hazards?
3. Is ther adequate space for indoor / outdoor activities?
4. Is there a quiet place for your child to nap?
For the full list of questions, click here

SIDS Network of Kansas


Safe Sleep: Information for anyone that cares for your child.
Safe Sleep For Babies

Safe Sleep Video: Alone, on their back and in a crib


Safe Kids Kansas Inc., is dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries to Kansas children ages 0-14. http://www.kdheks.gov/safekids/index.html

Disaster Planning

Do your children know what to do in case of a disaster? The AAP has put together some great factsheets for parents to help prepare their children. The tips can be found at http://www.aap.org/terrorism/index.html.

In addition, there is an excellent printout of the 4 Step Family Disaster Action Plan.


Baby Safety Basics – Safe Kids

Crib Safety – Safe Kids

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