Project Firstline

Project Firstline is CDC’s national training collaborative for healthcare infection prevention and control. To stop the spread of infectious disease threats—including COVID-19—anyone working in a healthcare facility needs a foundational knowledge of infection control and must understand and be ready to implement infection control protocols and procedures throughout their work day, including during every patient care activity and healthcare interaction.

Inside Infection Control Videos

Episode 1: What’s the Goal of Infection Control?

Episode 2: Sars-Cov-2? Covid-19? What’s the Difference?

Episode 3: What’s a Virus?

Episode 4: What’s a Respiratory Droplet? Why Does it Matter?

Episode 5: How do Viruses Make You Sick?

Episode 6: How Do Viruses Spread From Surfaces To People?

Episode 7: How does COVID-19 spread? A Review

Episode 8a: How Do I Safely Use a Multi-Dose Vaccine Vial? Part 1

Episode 8b: How Do I Safely Use a Multi-Dose Vaccine Vial? Part 2

Episode 9: What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Episode 10: Why is Eye Protection Recommended for COVID-19?

Episode 11: Why are Gloves Recommended for COVID-19?

Episode 12: Why are Gowns Recommended for COVID-19?

Episode 13: What is a Respirator?

Episode 14: What is an N95?

Episode 15: How Do I Test the Seal on my N95?

Episode 16: Cleaning? Disinfection? What is the Difference?

Episode 17: What is Ventilation?

Episode 18: Why Does Ventilation Matter?

Episode 19: What Do New COVID-19 Strains Mean for Infection Control?

Episode 20: Why Do Cleaning and Disinfection Matter in Healthcare?

Episode 21: Do We Really Have to Talk About Hand Hygiene? Again? Yes!

Episode 22: Why Does Contact Time Matter for Disinfection?

Episode 23: What is Source Control?

Episode 24: How Can COVID-19 Spread When You Don’t Feel Sick?