Kansas primary care physicians denounce COVID-19 misinformation

Family physicians, pediatricians support Federation of State Medical Boards’ efforts to protect patients

The Kansas Academy of Family Physicians and Kansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics have issued the following joint statement on COVID-19 misinformation:

As highly-trained frontline providers, primary care physicians are among their patients’ most trusted sources for reliable, accurate information about their health.

For that reason, we Kansas family physicians and pediatricians have redoubled our dedication to providing the outstanding care and guidance that our communities — made up of our neighbors, friends and family members — deserve during this pandemic.

That’s why we support the Federation of State Medical Boards’ recent statement about the dangers of disseminating misinformation about COVID-19 prevention, treatment and vaccines. Much like the virus itself, misinformation has led to illness and death in our communities.

Our best hope to emerge from the pandemic as quickly as possible is to come together in following the science. That means physicians must remain committed to affirming the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, dispelling rumors about unproven medications, and supporting masking and social distancing when appropriate.

Patients trust their primary care doctors for their expertise and integrity. Those values, and the patient-physician relationship they underpin, are more important now than ever.

We encourage anyone who has questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, boosters, or treatment options to discuss the issue with their primary care physician so you can make a decision based on the facts.

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