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Pediatric Council

Pediatric Council
Jonathan Jantz, MD, FAAP
Email: drjantz@cottonwoodpeds.com

Rebecca Redd, MD, FAAP
Email: rreddy@redbudpediatrics.com

KAAP Pediatric Council’s purpose is to improve the care of Kansas kids while making certain that the insurers of our state help to cover the care they receive. We will work with these companies to make them more aware of our needs to provide better care for our patients.

Issues from Members: click on the title to get more information on these payment issues that KAAP members are experiencing

KAAP Members:  If you have a Pediatric Payment Issue that you would like to report, email pediatriccouncil@kansasaap.org

The Hassle Factor Form

The Hassle Factor Form is for pediatricians to report problems with payers.  It is important that you use this Hassle Factor Form to report items of concern or contact Dr. Jon Jantz directly.  Increase involvement by pediatricians will help stress the seriousness of the issues.  You can complete the form online, by clicking on the link and logging in to the AAP member web site.  Then down the left hand side, click on “Private Payer Advocacy”, then click on Hassle Factor Form, in the 3rd paragraph.

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