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Chair: Kirsten Evans, MD
Email: kirsten.e.evans@gmail.com

New! Updated Key Points for Asthma Guideline Implementation from the Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma.  This 2 page summary was created to assist pediatricians in implementation of the guidelines in practice.

High Quality Care for Children with Asthma: The Medical Home Foundation

By Jennifer Mellick, MD

The Kansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics has formed a task force to address best asthma care for children in our state.  As part of this the Kansas Chapter is involved in a new program, the AAP Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma.

Because asthma is the single most common childhood chronic condition and the second most prevalent childhood condition,5 the medical home model of care should be the foundation of care for all children, especially children with chronic conditions like asthma. For a child with asthma, care received within the context of medical home that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate and culturally effective can be the difference between control and the emergency room.

AAP chapter champion programs have been very effective as a conduit for disseminating best policies and practices to pediatric health care providers nationwide through the leadership and volunteer networks of chapters. Champion programs also serve as a mechanism by which pediatricians can advocate for change at the local, state and national levels.

Click here to read more about this exciting new chapter champion project.

  • Asthma Action Plans

Changes can be made to the title of each action plan to fit your practice.

Asthma Action Plan for Patients 0 – 4 Years

Asthma Action Plan for Patients 5 – 11 Years

Asthma Action Plan for Patients 12 Years or Older

  • Spirometry

What is Spirometry? By Henry Kanarek, MD
Good effort with abnormal values example
Good effort with normal values example

  • AAP Medical Home and Asthma Project

In 2009, the AAP established the Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma (MHCCPA) with support from the Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc. (MCAN). To connect with your chapter’s medical home champion and learn what is going on in your state contact Leslie Sherman in the KAAP office leslie.sherman@kansasaap.org who will be coordinating the task force or Jennifer Mellick, MD drmellick@doc4kidz.com.

  • Asthma Control Tests

Asthma Control Test ages 4-11

Asthma Control Test age 12 and over

  • Parent Resources

Taking Care of Your Child’s Asthma

  • Click below for more information on the following:

Key Points for Asthma Guideline Implementation


A Medical Home Framework for Asthma Care

Clinical Examples – Asthma Care in a Medical Home




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