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Oral Health

New oral health coding fact sheet from AAP 

Common Questions about Fluoride Answered

There have been some changes to the D codes that affect some of you who use D1203 when billing for fluoride varnish. In short, D1203 is no longer used. It should be replaced with D1206, not D1208.

Use the descriptor as follows for billing of flouride varnish application:

D-1206 Topical application of fluoride varnish


Dental Codes-Coverage in PCP Office

AAP’s Campaign for Dental Health

Four Steps to Help Children Have Healthy Mouths

Tasty Treats for Teeth

Tiny Drinks Big Sugar

Healthy Celebrations for Healthy Teeth

Creating Preventive Oral Health Behaviors with Key Motivational Interviewing Questions

Oral Health and School Performance



Lift the Lip-Clean and Screen

Tasty Treats for Teeth/Make Good Snack Choices

Healthy Snacks Limit Acid Attacks

Make the Right Choices-Choose the Right Container

Toothpaste Tips


Helpful Links

Oral Health Kansas


Kansas Dental Association


AAP Children’s Oral Health


AAP Children’s Oral Heath Topics


National Maternal Child Oral Health Resource Center


Kansas Health Foundation’s The Truth About Teeth Campaign


Dental Apps for iPhones and iPads

Here are two apps for iPhones and iPads that teach children about dental care, answer parents’ questions, and in one case, focus on tools for people with autism.

 Pediatric Dental Expert – Free
A favorite FREE app!  This free app provides reliable, useful and fun information for families and kids.


My Healthy Smile – $4.99
This app offers 11 audio & visual social scripts to show children, ages 3-10, what to expect at the dentist and how to have good oral care at home. Topics include: having your teeth cleaned, taking X-rays and getting fillings, losing a tooth, brushing and healthy eating. The use of social scripts works especially well for children who have autism or developmental disabilities.


Dental Care Aid – $2.99
A total of 38 3-D Videos display the detailed oral hygiene procedures on different groups of teeth. Therefore, with the aid of this application, those interested in educating others about oral health can explain hygiene methods more conveniently.


Cavity Free 3D  – Free
This application demonstrates proper brushing and flossing techniques using four industry leading 3D dental animations. These realistic, high quality animations will guide you through the entire process of brushing and flossing your teeth with and without braces.

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