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Mental Health – KidLink Program

The KidLink-Children’s Mental Health Initiative has a two-pronged approach to ultimately increase the number of children (ages 0 – 18) detected and referred for appropriate mental health treatment.  First, the Assuring Better Child Health and Development program (ABCD) is used to educate healthcare providers on best practice screening tools, early intervention resources, and help increase their comfort level in diagnosis and treatment. Second, is the research and development of a web based statewide resource list titled  Kansas KidLink Resource Directory at www.kansaskidlink.org . The directory consists of a comprehensive list of mental health providers that provide services for children.

Visit the Kansas KidLink directory at www.kansaskidlink.org now!

Support the Kansas KidLink Endowment Fund here

Information on a presentation in my office/clinic.

Sign-up for a KidLink presentation in my office/clinic.

Patient Health Questionairre-2 (PHQ-2) – For use by healthcare professionals.

Mental Health Toolkit

For more information on KidLink, contact Chris Steege at chris.steege@kansasaap.org

4 Comments to “Mental Health – KidLink Program”
  1. Doug Greer says:

    I heard a presentation at the EC Forum on Kansas kidlink and a two-question mental health screening. Can i get more informatioin on the screening tool? Is its use limited to physicians? Thanks.

    • Nikki Walker says:

      We have updated out site with two new links regarding your request. The first link is a screening tool called the PHQ-2. It is a 2 question screen that is not limited to physicians, but the nature of screening is, if you screen, you need to have a resource or an ability to help the person who is positive-what will you do with a positive screen? We have also posted the full mental health toolkit which gives information on all the screens.

      Thank you for your feedback and questions!

      Nikki Walker

  2. Sharon Hixson says:

    Is the web based statewide resource list titled KidLink Resource Directory limited to use by pediatricians? This would be a valuable tool for the early childhood community in Reno County.

    • admin says:

      When the KidLink database is up and running, it will be available to physicians, parents, and anybody else that would find this resource useful. We do not have a “launch” date yet, but we will be posting information on our website as we have it available.

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