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Cavity Free Kids Update

Our Cavity Free Kids program is up and running! We have done several presentations and have received great feedback on the ease of the fluoride varnish application. This is something that can really make a difference in children’s lives for under a minute of work.

Cavity Free Kids (CFK) is a free educational program for physicians and nurses on the importance of oral health and the application of fluoride varnish for children ages 0-3 years.



Cavity Free Kids provides education and training during the lunch hour, free toolkits including tooth brushes and fluoride varnish, AAP Oral Health flip chart, Medicaid reimbursement information, and offers Continuing Education Credit for physicians and nurses.

The reimbursement in Kansas through Medicaid is very good.  If you see Medicaid children in your office and you would like to learn how to define early childhood carries (ECC), risks of ECC, recognize ECC in its various stages, implement prevention of ECC, perform knee-to-knee oral screenings and discuss the use of fluoride varnish in pediatric patients, contact Leslie Sherman at leslie.sherman@kansasaap.org,  or go online at www.kansasaap.org and click on our logo to fill out an application.  Lunch is provided!!

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